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Our mission as a video production company is to provide businesses owners with video content produced to increase brand awareness, visibility, generate quality traffic and leads, promote and deliver a significant ROI.

Our goal isn’t only to create a video, but to make it profitable for our clients: understand the purpose of it, get to know business target audience, create a clear message with a call to action, offer channels of video distribution, etc.

Nowadays video is the most powerful marketing tool to turn your potential client into a regular customer. It’s a beautiful bridge between ZMOT (zero moment of truth), where a viewer has a desire to learn more about you, FMOT (first moment of truth), where this viewer gets your main product, and SMOT (second moment of truth), when your first-time buyer tried your product and needs additional assistance, information, and other additional material to build better business relations.

Videos to attract attention of your potential customers

Its the beginning of a selling process, but not a sale quit yet. In order to sell, you have to grab attention of your buyer and make him move to the next level – Interest (your website, social media or profile pages).

Educational Videos:

You discover the pain or problem of your client and educate how to solve this problem with your business product or service, demonstrating the expertise in this field.

How-To Videos

Its the most common question your client has, getting familiar with your business. Instead of a long boring text, you an interactive video to tell more about your product or service.


In short 30 – 60 sec you present the personality of your company, its most important features, and call to action in the end. Here pre-production is the key element: storytelling, character development, script, tone etc. Brainstorm whats the best way to present yourself.


Attract the viewer to your business through the hot offer like event, coupon, seasonal sale, etc.

Videos to engage potential customers

Our goal here is to make the problem of the viewer important, to warm him up, to raise desire to buy. You still dont sell. You make your content interesting and engaging that shows the benefits and use of your product to the customer.

About Us Videos

Make the mission your business clear, introduce your team, working process, specifications. Its used to set the foundation of the relationship.

Customer Testimonials

It can be as easy as a talking person straight to the camera, or you may film the day of the life of this person, using the product or service of your business. Let your potential client relate to the story and feel the need of buying your product.

Product Videos

Highlight the features of your product and how it solves your customers problem. Statistics shows that people will more likely purchase if they watch a video rather than a still image when they don’t have a possibility to see it real.

Social Content Videos

Nowadays is the most essential marketing tool for your business. Post often. Post engaging content that turns your followers into buyers. Social media videos are the most popular form of content that continues growing day by day.

Videos to raise desire to purchase your product

Your customer is already warmed up, this is the last little step to push him to complete a purchase. Give him some sampling, social approval, one time offer.

Before and After Videos

The more drastic change we show, the better influence we get. Let your buyer recognize his pain in this content and get a desire to buy your product.

Case Studies

Show how a customer had a life changing experience due to your product, include statistics, data, and of course happy ending.

Event Videos

Event videos bring your event to more places. Now not only participants can be present, but the whole world. It may be a highlight, a live streaming, a new product demonstration, etc. You may use it as an invitation for next year event, include it in your email, share it on different platforms to tell more about your business.


Save your selling time, place that video on your website to answer the most popular question of your buyers.

Product Reviews

A few words from social media influencer or vloger, opening or applying your product will definitely increase your business sales.

After Sale Videos

Congratulations!!! You finally made a sale! All these steps were made to pursue your viewer to

make a first-time purchase. Now its time to turn him from one-time buyer into a repetitive customer and to grow your business.

Welcome Videos

A video message your customer receives straight after the purchase. It may include detailed instructions or further steps of the process.


Dont know what to include in your email marketing, send out video tutorials about your best practice using a product. Sure thing it will build loyalty and appreciation. The more useful and beneficial information your customers get from you, the more likely they will stay in these relationships.

Behind The Scenes

Share fun videos about your team or working process to let your customer know more about you.

Appreciation Videos to show love to your customers


A new product is coming. Why not to give a chance to your customers to make a purchase of this product before it appears on the market? Let them feel special with a unique offer just for them.

Training Videos

If your product requires certain knowledge or skill, why not to create a series of videos that train your buyers or your team members. Instead of running monthly printing, you let a new employee watch a one time made video and take a quiz to evaluate his knowledge. One time investment will save you a lot of money during several years.


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Our Services


Las Vegas is a world famous destination for conventions, trade shows, business meetings. Olena Z Films offers full turn-key video production and photography services to companies traveling to Las Vegas, NV. We can serve you in two different ways: creating a video or providing photography of your trade show event.

Our Services For Conventions:



Product intros

Service demos




Olena Z Films can help arrange crew, gear, talent and locations for film production in the Las Vegas, NV area. Submit your script, storyline, budget, all necessary items (equipment, props, wardrobe) to be rented or purchased, and we’ll be glad to organize your production needs.

Street Cinema collaborated with Olena Z Films to produce this music video for the German artist Capo. ALLES AUF ROT was filmed at Silverton Casino Hotel, Artisan Hotel, Nelson Ghost Town, and Guardian Elite Medical Services. All actors in the music video, minus the artist Capo, are local Las Vegas talent.

Nevada Film Office is great source for filmmakers filming in Nevada regarding film permits and location permission.


Olena Z Films Videography and Photography Team covers events of different scale to capture great moments of your company and social life. Let us know about lighting and sound situation in advance, key moments or guests, names and titles of interviewed  participants, etc. We are willing to travel.

 Our Services For Corporate Events


Product Demonstration


Keynote Speakers

Musical Events

Live Performance

Live Theater

Award Ceremony

Training Seminars


Promotional videos are the main form of sharing information about your business, talent, service, and products to a mass audience. It can be placed not only in your office space or website, but can serve as a great tool for attracting potential clients on all social media platforms. Our video production team will film and edit to develop and produce a high quality promotional video that best suits your needs.

This type of video must have a goal to achieve. To make it successful, answer a few questions:

1. What is your objective?

2. What is the message to the viewer?

3. Who are your viewers?

4. How will you reach viewers?

5. What is a call to action?


Video is more engaging, more memorable, and more popular among consumers than any other type of content, what makes it the most valuable and engaging content across social platforms. One third of time spent online is spent watching video! If you are an active entrepreneur who is trying to grow his followers and attract buyers, stay ahead of your competitors with video.


“ Our Video Production Team Brings Your Story To Life”

We all have a story to tell. Olena Z Films wants your story to be seen and heard. Success of your video defines the quality of our work. Whether it’s a one time shoot or a strategy development that involves several videos to grow your business, we’ll do our best to bring our expertise to the table

Creative team

Our talent director, actor will help you do it

We continue working until you are satisfied!

In Olena Z Films we all specialize in specific fields of video production, but at the same time we are flexible and interchangeable. We believe in no limits in creativity and connection. Share your vision with our team, and we’ll bring it to life.


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