The value of content marketing efforts has been well-established, yet many businesses don’t have the resources to develop an all-encompassing strategy.

By specializing in written content, social media, or video, for example, businesses can set themselves apart without needing to break the bank. Emphasizing visual media in your content marketing plan will go a long way in effectively promoting your business.

Utilizing video content is especially vital when it comes to your mobile audience. According to Kleiner Perkins’s Internet Trends Report 2018, daily viewing of mobile videos is up almost 10 million minutes over the last two years. In fact, video streaming has seen a significant increase in the last few years, on both mobile and non-mobile devices.

Further, marketers agree that pre-produced video is one of the most effective means of content marketing when it comes to business to consumer (B2C) efforts. This extends to the business to business (B2B) sector as well, where 62% of those marketers noted that video was an effective content marketing tool.

Surveys conducted by Hubspot, a developer of inbound marketing software, have been able to confirm these statistics from the consumer perspective. For one, 54% of those talked to have an interest in seeing more video content from the brands and businesses they support. Utilizing a YouTube channel to host and curate this content would be a great idea, as it is the leading source of video content for consumers (83%).

In 2019, video will be more important than ever in content marketing efforts, with more and more consumers preferring video to written content. By hiring a professional video service, such as Olena Z Films, to capture video that may effectively promote your business or brand, you will be sure to notice a near-immediate positive effect.