Why To Choose Las Vegas To Exhibit Your Next Convention

Las Vegas Conveention

Have you been giving second thoughts to Las Vegas as the place for your convention exhibition? Well, we provide you a complete surety that Las Vegas is the best option you have got. We tried to address all your concerns in our article. 

Conventions have gained quite a lot of importance, firstly, because of business. People move from one country to another to organize or attend various meetings or events. Secondly, conventions serve to provide a platform where business ideas are discussed with the public. Lastly and most importantly, they break the boundaries and create temporal communities in terms of business.

The Important Factors When Choosing the Place for Conventions

Now that you have realized the importance of a convention exhibition, the next thing that one keeps in consideration is the place. Therefore, when choosing the city or place, you consider the following factors.

  • Audio/Visual: This is the most essential factor. Without this, you would not be able to deliver your presentation.
  • Venue Location: The location needs to have a convenient space.
  • Service: In order to create a good impression about your business, you need to have a place with top-class service.
  • Catering: As a host, you would be conscious of food and drinks.

In this regard, the first name that probably comes to our mind is Las Vegas. Why is that so? Because it has more than 150,000 hotel rooms, larger exhibition space, and much more. In fact, Las Vegas is known to be the convention capital of the United States. You would be amazed to learn that Las Vegas received 19 million visitors, according to the stats of 2020.

Reasons to held Convention Exhibition in Las Vegas

We already have developed quite a view about Las Vegas, but to further assure you we have compiled a list of reasons. In order to keep pace with current standards, Las Vegas continues to take measures and bring in new initiatives.

Increased Attendance

You would definitely like to have more and more people in your meetings or conventions. In this regard, Las Vegas doesn’t disappoint you at all because of the attractiveness of this city. It was deduced from the research that the number of attendees increases to 8% in Las Vegas as compared to other cities.

The venues in Las Vegas have technological advancements like featured audio/visuals, working internet connection, live hosting, broadcast studios, and much more. All these facilities encourage people to conduct convention exhibitions in Las Vegas.


The location of Las Vegas is such that people would not have to bother themselves with much traveling. You would be glad to know that McCarran International Airport is just 3.5 miles away from Las Vegas Convention Center. That means the center is just a 15-minute drive away from the airport.


Healthy and good food are what everyone likes to have when away from their home. Therefore, Las Vegas has the world’s top-class restaurants to meet your cravings. You get to have custom menus, to-go boxes, and other such facilities so that food would not be a problem.

You would not only be satisfied with food and related services, but you would definitely like to visit again.

Convention Centers

Las Vegas has many world-class convention centers. A few famous ones include Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, and Sands Expo & Conference Center with an area of about 850,000 square feet. They have been working on West Hall Convention Center expansion to create a space of 1.4 million square feet and its almost complete. 

Air Service

You can come and leave Las Vegas with the non-stop and in-budget air service. There is a flight every day so that you won’t have to delay your sudden plans because of the non-availability of flights. Air service offers more than 950 outbound and inbound flights per day. 


When talking about the weather, you would not like to get frustrated by rainy or cold weather. Las Vegas is blessed with 320 days of sunshine and about five inches of precipitation annually. A warm and dry climate is an ideal climate for meetings.

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

LVCVA is the authority dedicated to the well-being, management, and organization of conventions. This authority has an extensive number of tools available for you in order to assist you. These tools include:

  • Attendance promotion
  • Familiarization tours
  • Virtual tours
  • Local Supply coordination
  • Lead distribution
  • Promotion assistance
  • Calendar of events and shows.

With such efficient assistance, you can rely on LVCVA for booking your next successful meeting.


Last but not least, the close proximity of hotels reduces any use of transportation. Hotels are within walking distance. However, if you need to use transportation Las Vegas authorities provide you with myriad options that include shuttles, bus automated monorail, and taxi.

Moreover, Tesla Tunnel is one of the most recent developments built 40 feet below ground in Las Vegas. It comprises two one-way tunnels specially designed to provide easy and quick transportation around Las Vegas Convention Center. Tesla Tunnel connects the Convention Center to the West Hall campus. 


The reasons you have just gone through are a few important ones. Once you get to go to Las Vegas, to manage and organize your meeting would be done by the venue team. You get to have assistance and the required help to plan and then successfully execute the event or meeting. Connecting to experts is probably the best you can get for flourishment of your ideas. 

Moreover, when compared to other cities, Las Vegas exhibition halls proved to be the largest with a capacity of 392,453 square meters. Therefore, we conclude that you can place your ultimate trust in Las Vegas for convention exhibition, be it of a larger or a smaller level.