Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities for trade shows and conventions. As a video production company we serve many businesses that come here as show exhibitors. We’ve covered such shows such as Magic, SEMA, KBIS, etc. If you have ever visited the Las Vegas Convention Center, Venetian Sands Expo or Mandalay Bay Convention here in Las Vegas, you know how overloaded it is: thousands of visitors, booths and products. Depending on the size of the event, there could be hundreds of booths (including your direct competitors), and thousands of industry professionals all trying to find the products, services, connections, and solutions they need in a very short time.

Setting up a booth at trade show is expensive and time consuming. It requires a lot of preparation and planning. The goal of each exhibitor is to attract more visitors and convert them into buyers.

One way to stand out is to add a big screen looping video on a large screen in trade show booths.

Looping video serves:

  • to attract
  • to make it fun
  • to communicate your value, even if attendees don’t stop by
  • to give a feel of your product

Your booth is a needle in a very loud, crowded haystack, so you need to be the shiniest, pointiest needle possible. The right video will help you prick some fingers. Think what would differentiate you from your competitor, what the advantage of your product is, what you want to show people about your company to build a connection.

There are thousands of delegates roaming around the show. Your eye-catching trade show video is the main tool to grab peoples attention and to draw them to your booth. Set up monitors around your booth, and play a demo of your product or service. It’s no secret that prospects like video content and videos are often more effective than written material. In fact, studies show viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

What is the best way to setup a looping video for a trade show display?

1. When setting up your booth, make sure you have a large screen that’s positioned in a way that’s easily accessible to viewers. Keep it elevated to expand your reach and attract attendees from a distance. Size and quality of matters.

2. For better digestion keep the loop video short. Wondering for hours through the trade show floor, attendees have attention fatigue.  Seeing only a few clips from your loop, they will make a decision to turn or not to your booth.

3. Visuals is the king: commercial use only footage, clear text and animation, distinct branded colors and highly visible product elements.

4. Forget about sound. Add captions and in-video set to tell the story. Put accent on compelling visuals instead of audio.

5. Keep your logo or name on screen as long as possible.

Using Smart LED TV To Loop A Video

Make sure TV has repeat option and USB input. Check the manual to see what supported video codecs TV can accept. HD or 4k mp4 file is the best choice. The sharper and more colorful the image is, the easier to attract the crowd.

Usually businesses send out emails to existing consumers and vendors to let them know about their trade show presence. Trade show marketing brings certain leads to your booth as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s a schedule meeting or a random visit of passer buy, to increase excitement and trust, it’s recommended to include product video into the interaction. If you are launching a new product or adding advanced features to the existing one, show the audience. More then likely you will have this product at your booth and visitors will be able to have a live experience with it, but adding an attractive promotional video  to it will only increase interest and desire.

Trade Show Product Video should be:

  • 5-7 minutes long
  • no voice over, just music
  • graphics or caption
  • placed on small kiosk or tablet
  • call to action and fill up form can be added to obtain contact information or even to make a sale.

Trade Show Live Video Presentation

It’s used to make an important announcement, to educate attendees about your product, to answer the questions of consumers. It requires a sitting area and a stage area for a presenter with wide screen in the back. To make it more effective use video in addition to power point presentation.

What Kind of Video To Include  In Presentation?


While filming Trade Show Presentations I noticed that at least 30% of audience isn’t as much focused after 15-20 minutes as in the beginning. To keep their attention include video in your speech.

How To Videos

Instead of talking about a certain problem or task, show how your company solves it and what benefits your clients gain by implementing your product in this case.


A video of happy clients feed back is another great way to convince, connect and prove your point. Nothing can make a buyer to make a purchase faster than seeing another person with similar problem having great results.

Not every existing customer has a chance to attend the trade show you exhibit. The reason can be different: traveling cost, time, location. Why to lose this valuable audience, if you can still reach them by Live Video Streaming. Those who can’t meet you in person will have to attend your booth via Internet.

Scared you won’t have enough viewers for livestream? Read social media for events  to get prepared.

Why Should You Live Streaming At Trade Show

Adding Live Stream to your booth can be the best tool to bring new prospects to your business as well as to expand reach of existing customers.

They say that live streaming video has higher percentage of engagement than a regular highlight video. Viewers can like, comment, ask questions while watching. You’ll have their profile and contact information for future conversations.

Don’t miss on “Invite” feature on Facebook Live. Encourage attendees and viewers tap to invite their friends and followers to join.

To get to know your audience better, ask the to evaluate what they see with a nifty tool by selecting different emoji.

Studies show that 30% of viewers attend that same event next time after watching live stream at home.

Footage from live streaming doesn’t go away and can be repurposed for additional marketing materials throughout the year:

  • website video
  • short clips social sharing
  • teaser for next year
  • blog posts
  • reference to get sponsors for next year event.

Live Streaming stays on your channel. Share it as a post on social media or as a link in email  for those who didn’t have a chance to tune in.

Make additional revenue with live streaming by offering advertisement placement.

Use precomposed banners with names and logos for specific sections.

Monetize Live Stream Content: ads, subscription, pay-per-click.

What Are The Components Of Successful Live Streaming?

  1. Production Crew – people that operate cameras, sound and switching machine. You will need to use multiple angles and frames: wide shot, close up, audience for Q & A; graphics, ad banners, tables, chards, insert videos, sound feed from different presenters, music.
  2.  Streaming Provider – software that captures the video, compresses it and sends signal over the Internet. Make sure to have high speed internet source.
  3. Viewing Platform Provider – online channel where your audience goes to watch your live stream.

What Content To Live Stream?

  • product launch
  • presentation
  • product demo
  • interview with company executives
  • interview with attendees
  • announcement
  • behind the scenes
  • online polls
  • virtual one-on-one meeting
  • virtual Q&A
  • breaking news
  • booth tour
  • tips on using your product

Dedicate booth staffers to keep up with your online audience.

Additional information: How brands use live stream.

Live Streaming Tips To Maximize Views

  1. Make an announcement post about your live streaming or send out notification when you are going live.
  2. Use on-screen text to grab attention of the person scrolling through the feed.
  3. Give a proper name to your video, so it has SEO keywords and tags to be found on Google and raise your website ranking.
  4. Care about Live Stream quality. Use proper equipment and internet bandwidth to get rid of choppiness.
  5. Test your stream in advance. Check your channel settings.
  6. Respond to comments live to boost engagement.
  7. Use graphics, bugs, or lower thirds to add context to your broadcast.
  8. Give guests ample room to share their perspectives, promote other people or brands, and if appropriate, bring the audience into the live stream by reading and answering comments.
  9. Give the audience incentives to return.
  10.  Ask other influencers, friends from industry to share your live stream with their audience.

It would be great if you have all 4 types of video at your Trade Show booth. You will see a big difference in prospects’ behavior and sales results.

If you are looking for a production team to create video content and provide live streaming services for your event, contact our crew at Olena Z Films. We’ve helped international companies that come to Las Vegas Convention and Trade Shows, we can also help you. Get a free phone consultation to start your experience!