Video Production for Exhibitors at Las Vegas Conventions and Trade Shows

Most people know Las Vegas for its larger-than-life nightlife, entertainment, fine dining, gambling, and shopping. It’s no surprise that some of the biggest trade shows and conventions are always held there. In fact, more than 22,000 conventions are hosted in Las Vegas every year, and precisely 6 million visitors are always in attendance. 

Such events can, however, be overwhelming for exhibitors as there is always a lot going on. So, if you have been wondering what type of video content to produce when attending these Las Vegas trade shows and conventions as an exhibitor, then you’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

  1. Keynote Videos

If you are an exhibitor attending the Las Vegas trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas, you will need a keynote video. This will be your kick-off video that will introduce your event and get the crowd into the groove. Your keynote video is very crucial as it determines the pitch for what’s in store and focuses on some of the essential details. Therefore, it should be catchy. 

2. Trade Show Marketing Videos 

As you plan to attend the Las Vegas trade shows and conventions, you will need a marketing video. This video could contain testimonials from your previous attendees and vendors. It should be exciting and motivational to encourage and entice your future attendees to come to your event. You can also use this video for your social media marketing to reach more people who could attend your future shows. 

3. Highlight Videos, Testimonials, and Demos 

When introducing your event, you also need a nice highlight video that could carry some testimonials from your current clients. These testimonial interviews could even be from your best salesperson or booth visitors. 

Such videos come in handy as they help explain the benefits of the products or services you offer. Also, they help share with your potential clients the experiences people have had working with you.

4. Team Bonding Session Videos

Your future clients need to see that personal touch in your business. That is why as you attend the Las Vegas trade shows and conventions, you might also need to have some bonding session videos with your team. 

These videos could be dinner videos, business outings, road trips, awards, or ceremonies that you’ve attended together. Your future clients will love you if they can get to see you in your element. They will feel closer to you as they will feel like they now know you better at an intimate level.

5. The Time Lapse

Often your future clients would like to see what the exhibition process entails. The time lapse video generates a lot of excitement and boosts the viewer’s interest in the event. In this video, there should be documentation of a series of how the events have occurred. 

It could be something as easy as showing off the process of constructing the exhibition booth. The time-lapse essentially gives your clients and attendees an overview of what the whole process entails; all the highs and lows in black and white.