You built your business website, spent budget on SEO, backlinks, etc. to bring traffic to it, but your sales are still low. From thousands of visitors you get only 3-5 % of sales. Why is it so? By statistics all these leads are so called ‘cold leads’ and it is recommended to have multiple interactions with a prospect to make him your buyer, to transform him from ‘cold’ to ‘hot’. This method of conviction is called SALES FUNNEL. It is an automated journey of your client that builds loyalty. During this journey a person obtains benefits like knowledge, tools, samples of your product. All the elements should be 100% satisfying to not cause hesitation, to make him excited  about buying the main product.

A goal of sales funnel is to convert your prospects into systematic buyers, loyal customers that disappear after the sale, and you spend more budget to get other clients, but to build before-during-after sale relations. You have to script consumers behavior on each stage of funnel. It means on every stage there is a request for action to take, and depending on the answer of the prospect – yes or no, you plan what you are going to offer him next to bring him to the final stage – sale.


  • You set it up once. Then this system works for you automatically.
  • You save money on work force. You don’t need managers or sales people in the process. Everything is automatic.


1.LEAD-MAGNET— the prospect tries to solve his problem, you offer him a free solution. It should be practical, easy to use, useful. Think about quality of the content. First impression matters. Think about catchy title that shows numbers, benefits, statistics, before and after, fast results, free samples.

Lead-magnet types: how to, check-list, mini-course, spreadsheet, toolbox, etc.

2. TRIPWIRE is a first product that the prospect buys. It should be much cheaper than your main product. It should solve the problem only partially, but  have good value. Obtaining it, a prospect gets a desire to buy the full product. To make a great tripwire experiment with different offers to see which one is the most popular. Wow! effect is essential.

3. MAIN PRODUCT of your business. When the prospect makes a purchase and he is pleased with it, it’s the best time to offer something additional.

4. MAXIMIZER – additional products that compliment to the main product.

Service: Modeling headshot – maximizer: placement of portfolio in 3 model agencies.

Service: Promotional video for business – maximizer: campaign  set up for social media, Google Ads.

5. LOYALTY PATH – it’s great if your buyer gets back to you to get more of your products, but it happens not to0 often. Your goal is to keep him interested in your product with updates, email marketing, exclusive offers.


1. The bigger – the better. Target more prospects on the first stage. It potentially increases your percentage of final stage – sale.

2. Make a habit to serve for free or lower cost: useful information, free samples, tools to solve part of visitors problem.

3. Make it automated, exclude yourself from the process as much as you can.

4. Build your database for further chances of conversion: name, company, email.

Building a profitable sales funnel is time consuming that requires material preparation, planning, analyzing. To be effective try to make a script of behavior for warm lead. It will start bringing you some income while you think what to offer to your cold leads.





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