Top Pharma Conferences in Las Vegas

Pharma Conventions and Expos

Pharma conventions bring together outstanding scientists and practitioners to share knowledge and relevant information, as well as cooperate in the interests of sustainable technology development.

Meetings in Las Vegas

The International Conference on Medical, Biological, and Pharmaceutical Sciences will take place on October 15. An event dedicated to innovation and transformation in the healthcare industry will be on November 13-16. Participants will include key stakeholders: pharmacists, suppliers, employers, and industry analysts, as well as media and government representatives. In addition, pharmaceutical leaders and innovators will come together to showcase real value for customers and patients and conclude pharmacy conventions.

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The thematic exhibitions on optics and lenses, which involves the participation of professionals in the field of glasses and eye care in America, will be held on September 14-17. You will be able to get acquainted with the latest products, trends, and solutions at this event. In addition, leading providers of medical technologies will be presented at the exhibition on December 8. 

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