Top Baking Trade Shows in Las Vegas

Baking Trade Shows

A visit to the International Baking Trade Show (IBIE) (September 17-21) will allow you to get acquainted with modern baking technologies, the latest innovations, new ingredient compositions, and exciting packaging offers. This will enable you to be inspired and make the most effective decisions to increase brand awareness and business level. The tradeshow price includes the cost of a paid ticket to the stand from 3035 USD. 

Welcome to Las Vegas – the premier trade show venue in North America

The Bakery trade show is popular among professionals from all over the world. Such events are held to provide the target audience with the latest technological developments and current trends. Plan a visit to the Great American Pie Festival in 2022 (September 17-21). This event features free snacks, prizes, and, most importantly, a variety of ready-made pies from bakers. You can showcase your products, services, or ideas to many potential customers by interacting with us. Video will be a powerful and effective tool for conveying the necessary information to consumers. This will allow you to achieve the desired results. Contact us.