Like most companies, you are preparing to host a product presentation event at a convention trade show at least 6-8 months in advance. You are bringing a team of representatives, creating your booth, renting space, etc… spending time and money to generate sales and build new business relationships.
Besides your company, there are also hundreds of other companies, trying to find their new clients. How to be different? How not to be standing at an empty booth waiting for an accidental passer by? Running a successful event at the show starts long before the actual event. There is no point of going to the most amazing must-attend event, if you don’t promote it. It requires a lot of enthusiasm to reach your goal. The best way is video marketing.


Break your video campaign into several videos and publish your promotional videos in intervals. Start with the promotional teaser, using b-roll from last year. Here you should emphasize more on what benefits visitor will get while attending this trade show instead of showing off your company. Testimonials and feedbacks are great for this type of video. In the first email (where this invitation video is attached) you can include some educational material about the upcoming expo. It’s ALL ABOUT CUSTOMER BENEFITS.
Second promotional video is about what to expect when visiting your booth at the Trade Show. Feel free to add some character to it, show team members that people will meet there. Include new products, ONLY CONVENTION offers, and of course – SWAG. The better the SWAG the more people will show up. Offer prizes or drawings. Share this video on several social media channels and make it clear to win the prize they have to be present at your booth at certain time.


Don’t think your work’s over. During the event you can film as much as before, or even more. You are basically preparing material for next year’s invitation. Clients that aren’t able to attend the event can still receive access  to the event via your highlight reel, interviews, testimonials, your educational sessions, and product presentations.
If you decide it’s better to hire a local trade show production team, contact Olena Z Films based in Las Vegas, NV. We can provide you with a film crew, videographers, and editing services.

                                                                                  (BTS at #SEMA Show, 2017)