One of the greatest tools for business marketing is video marketing. It is an excellent way to showcase your business, as well as promote your products or services. When it comes to business marketing through video production, many marketers and small business owners may think that producing highest-quality video is too costly. But there are several low-cost options that small businesses can choose from.

Of course, we all love visuals because we appreciate what we see than what we hear or read. That is why video platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram etc. are popular. According to statistics, YouTube has over a billion users, which accounts for almost one-third of people using the internet. People go to these sites every day to watch videos. Business marketing has shifted to the use of video production because people love videos.

How to do business marketing through video

If you are like many other brands, video is likely your last business marketing method. After all, it looks harder to produce a video. But based on statistics, it is clear that video is one of the best ways to promote your business. So, how can you promote your business using video?

#1. Introduction

Startups and existing business organizations can use video content to introduce themselves to their potential customers. Companies that create video content can show what they do, their philosophy,  and benefits of their products and services. It is more convincing and persuasive than expressing these thoughts in a written content.

#2. Answer your customer’s frequent questions

You get asked different questions by your customers, but among those questions, there are some that are more frequent. Whether you sell products or services, you should use video to answer your customer’s common questions. Remember you are not just answering their questions for fun, you should engage them while answering their questions.

#3. Do an office tour

Doing office tour is as simple as it sounds. Although this may look like a trivial exercise, it will allow your potential customers and existing customers have a virtual look around your office. This will help them to see your brand as a real business instead of just seeing your website or yellow page ad.

#4. Let customers see your product and services in action

This is just like a demo video to show your customers and potential customers how your product works. Ideally, you can capture what you do every day on video and upload it so that your customers can see how your product can help them.

                                                    (A day in the office shot for TNG Model Agency)

#5. Testimonials

Generally, your  audience tend to believe a video testimonial more than a written one. This is why it is always advisable to get your satisfied customers to leave a video testimonial for your business. It will definitely give your business a competitive edge over competitors.

#6. Event highlights

Share videos before, during and after an event on social media channels to encourage your audience to participate. Make announcements, show last year’s highlight to demonstrate what to expect and promote give aways.

#7. Follow the trend

This is another area where video is making waves in the tech environment today. Businesses always want their brands to be heard of whenever major issues are being discussed in the industry they operate. Therefore a good video will help to position your brands in the mind of your customers.

                                                 (Business Introduction – Wax Hair Removal Bar)

#8. Appreciation 

A simple but genuine gesture of a ‘Thank you’ video shouldn’t be overlooked. Appreciate your current customers, followers on social media, bloggers etc.

#9. Important company announcements

Announcing your company’s recent achievements, investments or winning an award is good video material for gaining the trust of your clients. Announce it in an exciting way. It can also attract the attention of prospective customers.

#10. From  horse’s mouth

Start building relationships with the industry experts.  Engage and learn from major players and experts in the field of your product or service. Make an informative video. It will present you as an industry leader.

If you want to promote your business and increase your bottom line, video marketing is vital. Whether it is: highlights, interviews, product intro, service demo, testimonials, seminar, or video animation, you can get a video to promote your business at an affordable price. The importance of creating corporate video content can never be overemphasized. Experts say that good video content passes a message along faster than a written message. Also SEO experts say that posting video content on your business website helps to optimize it for Google search result ranking.

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