Many of us understand that one of the most effective ways to market our services and products and increase our audience is to collaborate with influencers in our industry. Whether you are a dancer, designer, hairdresser, musician or a blogger, you can partner with an influencer and use video content to gain recognition and sell your products and services.

In June 2017, Momondo captured the reaction of people participating in a study conducted to find out their real heritage through DNA testing. Within just 2 weeks of publishing the video, it has been watched 42,019893 times. This kind of viral video with emotional marketing potential has most of the advertisers moving their advertisement from TV to digital video. It is also estimated that by 2019, 80 percent of all internet traffic will be video.

Between now and 2019, people and businesses who incorporate video content into their marketing technique should be expecting great ROI. 96 percent of B2B marketers have already incorporated video content into their marketing technique. So if you have not done the same, this is the time to start using visual content and capitalize on the video marketing trends to increase your ROI so that you are not left behind.

Partnering with an influencer to create valuable videos

You have probably heard about influencers, or maybe you even know them. They are the people in your industry with huge number of followers. But why should you care about influencers? You should care because they hold the key to your customers. Several brands and marketers are seeking partnership with influencers in order to promote a product or service.

To capitalize on influencer marketing trend, here is what you need:

#1. Have a video interview with an influencer

Looking at most businesses on social media, you will notice some of them have interviewed one or two influencers and have it posted. Video interview like that is very effective for the following reasons:

The chance to gain quality links is very high. When you interview an influencer, the influencer will also like to share your video. When your video gets shared by an influencer, it will not only bring you exposure but gives you a chance to get a link back to your video.

Videos align you with the authorities in your industry. When you team up with the trusted, powerful and knowledgeable people in your industry, you are sure to gain recognition.

Promoting these types of videos is not only beneficial to you, but to your influencer as well. This way of marketing also helps you to meet and make friends with people who may be valuable to your business in the future.

#2. Give something in exchange for the video review

Offering a discount at your store, something like a sample of the products you sell, or monetary compensation, could get an influencer in your industry to review your product and service in a video.

For instance, ‘unboxing product video’ has grown immensely on YouTube over many years. According to one influencer marketing agency, here is how it works:

Typically, when YouTubers are unboxing any product, they will focus on the specific product to unpack the box-up to show the entire contents. Most unboxers go beyond just unboxing the product by demonstrating how the product works. This will help customers decide whether to buy the product or not.

#3. Landing page videos

Nothing can match the power of video when it comes to convincing viewers to take the appropriate action. A case study showed that using video on a landing page can boost the conversion rate by up to 86%. This could be the reason almost everyone is using videos on their landing page. When you explain how your product can help consumers in a video, it helps them to determine whether to buy or not quickly. Here is why adding videos to your landing page can increase your conversion rate:

  • Human brains hate to work hard. Our brains like visual content than written text. This means that less mental strain can result in more conversions.
  • A well-produced video can change the perception of your prospect about your business.
  • Videos are entertaining. Why do we pay to see a movie in the theater? Because we want to be entertained.

You can use the following types of video on your landing page:

  • Video testimonials: According to studies, more than 80% of internet users purchase products based on the reviews they see online. So a video testimonial can help your customers make the right decision quickly.
  • Explainer videos: These kinds of videos are used to briefly describe how products and services work. They may be animated videos that are less than 2 minutes but contains the script that will push the pain points of the prospects.
  • Introductory videos: If you are not well-known or your brand is not popular, your offer is likely to be scrutinized. That is why you need to tell the audience who you are and why they should buy your product.
  • Video case study: This type of video is just like video testimonial, which is usually an interview with those who have used a product with good results. This type of video mainly focuses on results.


#4. You can use video for anything

When many of us think about video, we think about information and entertainment. This means we can use video for virtually everything. Whether to promote a product, service or to entertain, video is the most effective means of communication.

Whether you are an upcoming musician, dancer, designer, hairdresser, blogger or even an influencer, the best way to take your talent and your business to the next level is video content. However, many believe video making is difficult because they don’t have the resources to do it. You don’t need to own a video camera or editing equipment as you can easily hire a professional to do the job for you. Olena Z Films can help you make your video at the most affordable price.

You can get started today because Olena Z Films is always available to help both small and large businesses.

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